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From alcoholism and drug addiction to gambling, overeating and sex addictions, we have a 12 step app for you.

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Awesome features

We want our customers to enjoy their sobriety. That's why most of our apps are loaded with many free recovery tools.

Spot Check Inventory

10th step inventory for resentments, fear, sex and harms done. Never miss a spot check inventory with this app which acts as a sponsor in your pocket.

Night Time Inventory

A night time step 11 inventory is a crucial part of every 12 step program. Ask yourself these 10 simple questions every night and enable yourself to spot your flaws instantly.


Quickly write down your thoughts, ideas, memories and daily life experiences in this simple journal tool. It's great to go back after a while and see how you felt then and how far you have come on your program now.

Gratitude Lists

Gratitude is a key element in a 12 step recovery program and it is essential to keep writing your own gratitude lists from time to time, because you are grateful.

PIN Locking

Add an extra layer of security to this already secured app. Set a personal PIN to lock entire access to your entire content so you can be relaxed if your friends or family have access to your device.

Sobriety Calculator

Our built in sober calendar app will let you calculate how many days you have been sober, clean or abstinent for depending you are an alcoholic, an addict or a gambler. Just set your recovery date and you are good to go.

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Our apps have been tailored for specific fellowships like AA, NA, OA, GA. Choose the one you want and start your journey today.

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Alcoholics Anonymous App

AA 12 Step Toolkit for recovery from alcoholism.


Narcotics Anonymous App

NA 12 Step Toolkit for recovery from drug addiction.

al-anon 12 step toolkit app

Al-Anon / Alateen App

Anon-Anon 12 Step Toolkit for recovery members and al-anon and alateen.

overeaters anonymous 12 step toolkit icon

Overeaters Anonymous App

OA 12 Step Toolkit for recovery from food and overeating addiction.

More Apps Coming Soon

We are adding more fellowship apps very soon


Gamblers Anonymous

sex addicts anonymous 12 step toolkit app icon

Sex Addicts Anonymous

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